Cypress Lupa 1300

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Cypress Lupa 1300
Image Sensor Socket

 Andon has developed theImage Sensor Socket for the 68 pin Lupa Image Sensor. Andon’s socket part number for Thru-hole is 10-24-05-168-347T-R27-L14 and for Surface Mount the part number is 10-24-05-168-319T-R27-L14. 

The Socket is soldered on the PCB and the Image Sensor is plugged into the socket after all other assembly. Replacements and upgrades are fast and easy on Vision Systems preventing costly down time.

Andon has Images Sensor Sockets for all brands of Image Sensors. The sockets are supplied with the exact PCB footprint as well as SMD versions to accept leaded Sensors.

The Andon unique sensor socket SENSTAC™ CONTACT was specifically designed for Image Sensors to maintain the focal length and are produced in-house to accept various lead sizes.

The insulators match the mother board for CTE to prevent distortion. Andon also produces Aluminum ESD prevention test sockets for all sensors.